Zipcar for Business is the corporate arm of Zipcar, the world’s largest car network club. In 2014, Zipcar grew its car networking offering for business into Bristol and Oxford, joining the already established London market.

To support the launch of the new locations and also to continue to grow London, Zipcar were looking for a high impact way to engage with their business audience, cause disruption around the traditional business travel choices available and generate new customers.


Really B2B decided that phone-based persona research would not give them a strong enough feel of what life was truly like for the business traveller in each of the three cities. In order to get a real flavour for this teams were sent into London, Bristol and Oxford, to the Zipcar depots and other major travel locations such as train stations, bus stations and cab queues. Operating as part of the Zipcar for Business team, Really B2B conducted on the spot interviews with business travellers throughout the day.

Address Zipcar prospect challenges with localised campaigns

The Zipcar formula...

three zipcar target regions divided by 24 core messaging versions times 8 online and offline platforms

As the alternative options for travel around each of the 3 cities were so different, it was decided that completely tailored campaigns for each area would achieve the most significant impact. 'Let’s Do Business' became the overall theme for the campaign with each city having their own messaging.

For maximum impact and engagement, messaging would need to be segmented by city, industry and decision maker type. The process would require significant investment in terms of copy expertise and execution time, but it would pay off by achieving high response rates.

A multi-channel approach would also be taken, integrating email, direct mail, ebooks, infographics, case studies, regionalised URLs, landing pages and telemarketing. The core messaging would be emulated across all the sources, tailored to the platform type.

The creative...

70 percent sales-ready leads converted237 new clients341,280 pounds lifetime value of closed sales

Client testimonial

"Having worked with Really B2B for more than a year, we find it so refreshing that we can measure the results of our campaigns right through to sales revenue, this makes it much easier for us to get budget for new campaigns."

Senior Marketing Manager UK, Zipcar

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