Yorkshire Copper Tube is one of the world leaders in copper alloy products, supplying to multiple markets through merchants, plumbers and heating installers.

Since 2007, sales of copper piping have dramatically decreased as a result of the recession, fluctuations in raw material costs and the core domestic heating market opting for lower-cost plastic pipe alternative. Increasing sales from merchants was achievable only by connecting with end-users, plumbing and heating engineers – a notoriously difficult audience to reach.


Given how difficult it was to reach the target market, live events were used as a starting point for speaking directly with plumbers, as well as conducting online surveys and hosting focus groups. A comprehensive research campaign allowed us to discover fundamental information on prospects but also around ongoing threats to the copper market.

Installers are avid users of social media they particularly love facebook

The Yorkshire Copper Tube formula


Facebook was selected as a key channel in the marketing strategy, yet hard-hitting messages would be toned down in favour of lighter photo and competition-led communications.

The integration of social into their wider strategy meant Yorkshire Copper Tube could benefit from gathering additional data and nurture prospects.

In order to ensure the best reach and response rate, a combination of multiple channels would be used to ensure the benefits of using copper remain front of mind.

The creative...

The big numbers...

40 percent increase in factory tours17 percent uplift in sales15 percent more web traffic

Client testimonial


“The work Really B2B have done has enabled us to reach and engage with our end-users in a way like never before. The results they have achieved have far outweighed our expectations and our account team is a true extension of our business.”

Commercial Director, KME

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