For Dummies, a Wiley brand, is a global knowledge reference phenomenon with more than 300 million books in print. Products and services include custom publishing, brand and content licensing, advertising, sponsorship and multimedia.

At our first meeting, Wiley UK knew there was significant growth opportunity in which to partner with businesses/brands to provide custom content solutions via both print and digital. Already having a highly successful salesperson in place, the challenge was to increase the volume of sales-qualified leads for the For Dummies brand and generate positive ROI, in just a 12-month timeframe


In order to position the For Dummies custom B2B programme as a must-have solution for businesses, in-depth persona research was needed so we could fully understand and engage with the target audience. Utilising both desk and phone-based research, multiple persona documents were created to highlight prospects’ business objectives, preferred supplier research channels, use of social media networks, history of education and experience, as well as character traits.

Prospects are overwhelmed with content, we needed stand-out creative and messaging

The Wiley formula...

1 big idea x 9 integrated channels divided by 32 prospect groups

The research identified that marketers in particular were struggling to ensure their own content stood out. The ‘Be Unignorable’ campaign was born.

Use an integrated approach to generate ‘bottom of the funnel’ leads and nurture other prospects over the campaign period.

Generate engagement and high-quality leads by creating targeted messaging and content for each decision-maker group and industry.

The creative...

The big numbers...

20% over-delivery in sales-qualified leads280% ROI to dateover 570 marketing qualified leads to nurture

Client testimonial


“Really B2B have delivered high-quality leads and developed a strong new business pipeline which has exceeded our expectations. We have already seen a 280% ROI from our campaign and gained valuable insight about which marketing strategies work best for our prospects and the sectors they operate in.”

Senior Brand Manager, For Dummies

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