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    (Tipsheet) Account Based Marketing and Measuring ROI

    Account based marketing (ABM) is one of those techniques which has picked up speed over the past 12 months. Many marketers are experimenting with the activity, others are investing heavily in it, and many more plan to implement it in some way during 2017. Now, the statistics and case studies which have already been published show that ABM works. So why isn’t everyone doing it? Well, it turns out this marketing approach isn’t for everyone. For one reason or another, some businesses just simply aren’t ready to jump aboard the ABM train. But, for those that are, our latest tipsheet is packed with hints and tips, including…

    ABM & measuring ROI.png

    Sales and marketing alignment

    Account based marketing only works when your sales and marketing teams have come together and determined the best way to approach your ‘dream’ list. They also need to be sharing information regularly and offering support where possible.

    Research, research, research

    The only way you can approach dream prospects with the right messaging via the right channel, is by getting to know them. And this doesn’t mean top-level demographics either. This means in-depth, comprehensive investigations.

    Laser-focused and personalised

    The goal of ABM is to build relationships upon which sales can be made, and these ties are strengthened by adding total personalisation to communications.

    The special treatment

    Give your dream prospects the feeling of being a VIP when they arrive at your site. This means creating personalised websites with dynamic content and bespoke pages which are aimed directly at them.

    Secure the deal

    To close the deal, make sure you send the best of the best from your sales team – the salespeople who are ‘on fire’ and know this campaign/prospect/industry inside and out. Failure to do so could mean falling at the final hurdle and generating zero ROI.

    Calculating ROI

    It’s important to track all ABM spending for each of the prospects on the dream list. That way, when they convert to a customer, you can simply subtract the costs from the revenue to determine the ROI… simple.

    To find out more about account based marketing and using this activity to generate the maximum ROI for your business…

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