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    Thrive, Survive, Dive

    These three words are appearing everywhere at the moment. Whilst some B2B sectors, such as food retail, have been fortunate in not being adversely affected over the past months. Others have either had to change tack or sadly not survived.

    The manufacturing industry is an example of a sector which will ‘survive’. It has been able to pivot or diversify and focus on what they can do to drive business forward right now. In both cases, new niches will have come to light, rich data gathered for segmentation and targeted communications purposes.

    Some businesses have been able to switch to a B2C approach to push products that would have otherwise expired. Whereas, others have adopted a goodwill stance and donated products and services to benefit others. However, many sectors have been hit hard and may not survive at all.

    Thrive, Survive, Dive

    We have been working consistently with clients and prospects, monitoring trends, data and market shifts to make sure we can advise on the best course of action to take and put a go-to-market plan together to reflect this.

    Our 3 top tips to help your business thrive are:

    Insight is key

    The market is continually changing so understanding what these shifts are for you and what is predicted to happen in the next few months is essential. Research into insights and trends will give you knowledge. Coupled with the consideration of your channels, tactics and messaging will ensure you are reaching out to the right target audience with the right approach and tone.

    Act, plan to adapt but be agile

    With so many factors affecting the future, now is not the time to just ‘wait and see’. Plan now but make sure those plans are agile enough for you to adapt them at the last minute. You will continue to drive business forward as well as build your pipeline. Use nurture to keep your products, services & solutions front of mind. Well researched and expertly written content will enrich your positioning and promote your expertise. Be brave and bold.

    Expand your reach

    It’s not just markets that are shifting, so is the decision-making unit. With businesses streamlining, roles disappearing, changing and merging, an influencer today could be your key decision maker tomorrow. Look hard at your data universe, make sure you are reaching out to a wider pool of contacts than you would have done previously.

    What steps can you put in place to make sure your business thrives in H2? Get in touch via or on 02392 314498 to find out more.