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    The secret to creating original B2B content

    We all know that the B2B marketers who create original and unique content are the ones who will stand out from the crowd and generate the most ROI over the coming months and years. The secret though, is how to change current content curation processes into idea-filled original content that’s engaging and likely to generate leads, sales and revenue. To help you with this transition, we’ve created a scrapbook of ideas and techniques that will have you pushing the boundaries of innovation in no time. And the starting point is the coming together of the right team.

    B2B marketing content scrapbook

    Get a dream team

    Originality isn’t something that can be taken from someone else or emulated; it has to come from an organic meeting of minds and ideas. So, the starting point for creating original content is the rounding-up of writers, designers, planners and managers. Once all these people are in the same room (and snacks have been provided – brain food), the ideas and suggestions can begin to flow. By batting thoughts around the room from one person to another, the ‘good’ ideas will begin to surface and can be discussed more in-depth. By involving creative-minded colleagues along with writers and planners, it’s possible to ‘add flesh to the bones’ of ideas much faster and determine their suitability for the campaign.

    Jump on the bandwagon

    With a few ideas shortlisted, it’s then time start considering themes for the content. This inspiration can come from a myriad of places, such as historical events, classic board games or even computer games. Ultimately though, piggy-backing on news stories in the media is an excellent way to ensure the theme of the content is eye-catching to the reader and is relevant to them and their lives. For example, large events such as the Olympics, the royal wedding or even the election are great ways to tap into the psyche of the decision-makers you are targeting. By jumping on the most popular bandwagon at that time, it’s possible to receive more widespread exposure than would have been possible with a more obscure theme.

    The rest of the process

    This process of generating ideas and identifying relevant themes and related stories is just the starting point. From here, the originality of the content can blossom through well-chosen imagery, innovative production processes and well-timed distribution – aided by each of the experts in your dream team.

    To uncover the real secrets of creating original B2B marketing content and to generate the greatest ROI…

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