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    The Changing Role of the B2B Marketing Director

    ‘Martech’ is a term that’s been around for a while, but what seems to have slipped quietly under the radar is the fact that the number of actual marketing technologies is growing at an exponential rate. This means that there’s twice as many software options and programs as there were last year, and there will be twice as many by this time next year. Now, on an individual basis, each of these solutions will no doubt have their benefits. But, to a marketing director who is tasked with overseeing data, targets, and the results of the marketing department, this tech explosion can create a dizzying environment – not to mention a big headache.

    B2B Marketing Director.png

    The changing landscape

    The growth of martech and the data it produces is having a dramatic effect on the responsibilities of today’s marketing directors. In addition to customer acquisition, directors must now also oversee retention, upselling, and even aspects of the customer experience. And, with all of the insight and findings that are gathered during this customer lifecycle, the lines between the marketing strategy and the wider business strategy are blurring. In fact, marketing directors are playing an increasingly larger role in shaping modern businesses and determining their future trajectory.

    Data, data, data

    As mentioned, technology and data are not only helping shape marketing and business tactics, they’re also becoming increasingly large parts of the marketing director’s role. Now, directors are unlikely to have hands-on experience with the vast array of martech solutions used by their team. However, it’s crucially important that they are experts in analytics and reporting. And this is where the modern director’s role really changes from previous generations. Data has always been available, however in today’s world, senior marketers need to be experts. They need to know the capabilities and idiosyncrasies of martech, and also the information it can produce. From here, they need to be able to chart, analyse, and digest vast amounts of information.

    Succeeding in the future

    Growing responsibilities and requirements mean marketing directors are under ever-growing pressure. However, there is a solution – partner with an expert marketing agency who’ll not only take some of the burden, but also help to mine the finest data and generate the best possible results.


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