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    Supercharging the Big Idea

    B2B marketing: big business, big ideas, big data, big opportunity…so why not big up the creative strategy?

    If you want to create really engaging and meaningful communications in B2B marketing, it’s time to think big!

    Supercharge the big idea in B2B marketing-1.jpg

    Everyone loves it when the plan comes together, but there’s a critical part of the marketing mix that’s often overlooked. Creative strategy really should be a fundamental that structures your story. With a strong comms framework, your marketing should sizzle with interest, intrigue and integrity – throughout the sales cycle.

    Whether your needs are short or long term, the benefit of thinking holistically, or at least with some foresight past the initial sell, can pay dividends. This is especially true when developing and implementing complex campaigns which are designed to change brand perceptions and put your ‘why’ unequivocally in the hearts and minds of your audience.

    Taking a good hard look at yourself is never easy, but there is a rule of thumb that says the hard option is the best option. Opening the door to the honest truth might feel a bit raw and less than cuddly, but taking the time to define and face your unique challenges can unlock new avenues in business which you can exploit through a well-considered marketing program.

    Make potent content with creative strategy

    If you embrace a strategic mindset it will also lay the path for a stronger connection with your audience. Larger campaigns which involve complex data segmentation and encompass a multitude of awareness and nurture phases need structure. With this in place, you can keep things on track and most importantly, let creativity fly so it builds more meaningful customer experiences and ultimately converts brand awareness to real-world results.

    If you’ve done the hard yards, you should have all the insight you need to position and time your campaign execution perfectly. Adopting this approach really will give your campaigns that added potency to target your customers…Hell, they might even start calling you!

    It just makes sense to work to a set communications plan

    Another benefit of a well-structured messaging strategy is the assurance of knowing exactly what your story is. Being in control of your conversation is a really powerful place to be. Although there are thought leaders who say “your brand is not what you say it is, it’s what they (your customers) say it is’, ultimately if you know what you want say, with who and when, then you have a head start on most.

    Having a plan also frees you up to be more agile should circumstances change during implementation. Working with real data can throw up unforeseen opportunities and if you have a multitude of ideas in place, there is a high probability that targeting your conversation in an alternative phase will have significant impact and ensure you maximise marketing ROI.

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