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    Supercharge your demand generation
    with intent marketing

    Intent marketing uses data to target prospects who are actively researching or are interested in specific B2B topics. This activity allows you to reach out with the right message at the right time, and effectively talk to those prospects. So, how can you begin utilising this fantastic technique to supercharge your marketing activity? Here’s the key steps you’ll need to take…

    Intent Marketing 2-1

    Pick the right partner

    At Really B2B, we use a combination of our own innovative technologies and an entire B2B ecosystem of sources to inform our intent marketing. We have access to the broadest global reach of intent data for our clients, including software like Bombora and ZoomInfo. This level of information enables us to generate an ‘intent score’ based on weighted interactions, topic relevancy and engagement metrics (among other factors) to best target prospects. These partnerships place us in a unique position where we can listen to 2.8 million companies, researching 3,913 B2B topics on 3 billion devices. Meaning, we help our clients identify intent and send the right messages, solving the right prospect pain points at the right time, to effectively prioritise outreach activity to maximise the ROI.

    Get the best from intent marketing

    To maximise the returns from intent marketing, it’s important to do your due diligence and select the appropriate data/ insight tools for your objectives. Checking your APIs and ensuring the insight you gather links into your CRM software will help you strengthen your existing database and include those new insights into future marcomms.

    With the quality and quantity of your leads likely to rise, it’s important to have your outreach strategy (email, digital content delivery, telemarketing etc.) aligned and ready to act on the intent your prospects have shown. If you are using an external agency for your intent marketing, make sure you have regular reviews and catch ups on the results of your intent topics/data sources to ensure you’re getting the most from your martech.

    We know it works

    We analysed over 276,000 records for a global cloud storage client over 5 months in order to propensity model different outcomes of a cohort from our intent platform against a control group. The results were incredible…

    • 742% more likely to have a positive call
    • 203% more likely to book an appointment
    • 697% more likely to convert a lead
    • 208% marketing campaign ROI
    Implement intent marketing with Really B2B

    At Really B2B, our expert team can provide detailed intel and actionable insights on your data that go far beyond job function. Best of all, we know how to tie these insights together into a unified and effective customer journey, that is designed to carry your prospect smoothly from their first interaction, to their first conversion.

    To add intent marketing into your demand generation process and generate maximum ROI from your activity, speak to us today on 0845 519 8517 or email