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    ReallyB2B shortlisted for Best Use of ABM


    ReallyB2B has recently been shortlisted for Best use of Account Based Marketing (ABM) at the Marketing Week Awards, and Best product or service launch campaign at the B2B Marketing Awards, for their ‘Hybrid ABM’ campaign with bp Fleet Solutions, ‘Today, Tomorrow, Together’.


    The Marketing Week Awards is an annual celebration of highly effective marketing – showcasing stand-out campaigns to the global marketing community. The Best use of ABM award recognises ‘how ABM of any kind was used to help execute strategic objectives and deliver business outcomes through excellent use of data, and standout creative’.



    Today, Tomorrow, Together

    bp Fleet Solutions needed additional specialist capacity to remain focused on their high-value commercial audience. They also needed to educate and drive awareness with wider UK logistics and fleet markets of bp’s low-carbon solutions.

    To help bp Fleet Solutions target this sector, we proposed a ‘Hybrid ABM’ campaign. The first part was a 1:Few campaign targeting 15 enterprise-level organisations. The second part, delivered in parallel, was a 1:Many nurture campaign targeting logistics and fleet-owning SMEs within the UK.

    Following a comprehensive research project covering market position, competitive landscape, brand positioning, challenges, and opportunities, our experts formed a messaging hierarchy and content calendar. These documents would speak to the key challenges/interests of bp’s audience.

    Conducting a Hybrid ABM campaign enabled the bp team to build wider networks and establish relationships with target accounts, to nurture longer-term significant sales opportunities, whilst generating additional new business opportunities of smaller, but still significant, revenue value. This approach would enable ReallyB2B to demonstrate ROI and forecasted revenue in the shorter term whilst bp worked to convert the higher-value accounts.

    Information, innovation, imagination

    For the 1:Few activity, we settled on two pieces of content for each account, two emails each month (segmented by the primary and secondary audiences), a LinkedIn account takeover of key salespeople and a Direct Mail (DM) campaign. For the parallel 1:Many activity, we sent two highly segmented emails each month to the wider addressable market, alongside sponsored LinkedIn posts and InMails.

    A creative highlight from the campaign was the DM. Made entirely from recycled paper, the DM leaned into the campaign’s ethos of sustainability. Inside the box was a solar power bank, which drove home the message of renewable energy, along with a highly stylised book. This book was used to tell the story of the campaign’s key message, Today, Tomorrow, Together, and illustrated to the audience that with the help of bp, they could ‘See the future of fleets from a different angle’.

    This message had a dual meaning as it prompted the reader to think about the need for a variety of fuels for their fleets (e.g., diesel, hydrogen etc.), but it also gave them explicit instructions for the book itself. While the book appeared relatively normal at first, and presented bp’s key propositions in an engaging way, when the reader physically turned the book to a certain angle, the pages created an ‘internal pop-up’ which enabled the reader to see images of fleets and fuels in differing environments. This new ‘take’ on a traditional book created a hugely engaging experience for the audience, and a powerful vehicle for the bp story.

    Recognised results

    While it is natural for audience engagement to cool over time, we maintained high engagement rates and surpassed benchmarks in both the 1:Many and 1:Few streams, as evidenced by strong open and click rates. We also consistently saw results surpass industry averages.

    Not only is our attention to minute details and data key to our success, but our drive to surpass even the smallest targets is what enables us to help global businesses like bp exceed their objectives.

    Fingers crossed for November  

    Both the Marketing Week Awards and B2B Marketing Awards will take place in November – keep your fingers crossed! You can book a table at the Marketing Week Awards or download an information pack if you’re interested in attending.


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