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    Really Masterclasses – Where to start with content

    Not every prospect is ready to convert at the same time, and it can take a bit of a nudge to push some prospects down the sales funnel. As a lead generation agency, we use content to achieve this goal, and considering it generates 3X the ROI of traditional marketing programmes, the juice is definitely worth the squeeze.[i] 

    So, whether you are completely new to content marketing, or your current strategy is not having the desired effect, this is the read for you.

    Why use content marketing for lead nurture?

    • It can work as a fantastic pull tactic via email and content hubs – allowing you to focus on a very select group of ideal prospects and cater to them specifically.

    Content compliments the push tactics of outbound email, telemarketing, InMail and any other channels where you are asking for a direct response. We want the prospect to retain the information and come back to you when they are ready to buy.

    Brands use content to build an affinity with customers and prospects, keeping your business top of mind, even when they don’t have an immediate need. It’s a “given” to go to your brand when they are ready to buy.


    What should content do?

    The type of content you are serving your prospect should depend on their stage in the buyer journey, but it should fit into one of the following categories:

    • 1. Entertain
    • 2. Educate
    • 3. Inspire
    • 4. Convince
    • To be successful, content should appeal to your audience on both an emotional and a rational level. The key is to think of your audience as B2B2C – first and foremost, your prospects are people, and the aim should always be to serve them something that will resonate with their current goals and challenges on a personal and professional level.

    We have created the below matrix you help with the “right message, right audience” challenge.

    content image

    Good, engaging content should create a conversation, and ultimately generate sales down the line.

    Planning for success

    So, you’ve got a brain full of content ideas and you know where your prospects sit in the funnel – it’s time to start writing, right? Wrong! All too often, we see clients trying to rush out content without thinking about the flow or purpose.

    To overcome this, we run “Content workshops” with our clients. This is a great way to make sure your prospects are getting the right messaging and content. It also helps you to plan out your content calendar, with the aim of mapping out ideas that will resonate with your audience across their journey. You will get the most from these sessions when you involve key people within your team, as this will allow you to bounce ideas around collectively.

    Prior to your workshop, it’s always a good idea to do some preparation with your team. Get some persona docs together, along with any existing research you have on your target audience. Condensing this into a succinct document will have everyone on the same page from the get go.

    Really B2B have defined a structure to make the most of these sessions:

    • 1. Agree the purpose of your content – what action would you like to inspire in prospects?
    • 2. Agree on pain points – what are the specific areas your prospects are struggling with?
    • 3. Get everyone in the group to write content topic themes and ideas down on Post-It notes.
    • 4. Place these ideas into one of the four content categories outlined above.
    • 5. As a group, vote for the best ideas, basing your choice on viability, topicality, longevity and how well the idea will resonate with your audience.

    6. Assign tasks – decide who will look after each piece of content.

    • 7. Agree timings – when should you be launching each piece, and to which cohort?

    By sticking to the above process, your business can ensure you’re targeting prospects with the right approach and speaking to them when they’re most engaged. And with the right content strategy, you can also boost your results and ROI by moving prospects down the funnel in a more efficient way.

    Here at Really B2B we have a team of inhouse content and creative experts – if you are looking for support with content or indeed lead generation, simply give us a call today on 02392 314498.