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    ReallyB2B make top 10
    in the UK Agencies Benchmarking Report

    Last week, B2B Marketing published their annual UK Agencies Benchmarking Report. Really B2B featured 10th in the top marcomms agencies, alongside 94 other UK agencies.


    Every year, B2B Marketing publishes their UK Agencies Benchmarking Report. This report serves as a definitive guide to the UK agency marketplace, by providing a thorough analysis of the current market and the following league tables:

    Top marcomms agencies – uses YoY growth in GI and headcount as primary indicators of success.

    Top fastest growers – agencies that reported the largest increase in UK GI YoY.

    Top rising star agencies – agencies that reported the largest increase in UK GI income YoY as a percentage.

    Top international B2B marcomms agencies and networks – agencies with at least 20% of their global gross income outside of the UK.

    Not only does the report provide insight for UK agencies, to see what’s happening in their market and benchmark their position against similar organisations. The report is a great tool for client-side readers who are considering investing in an agency or outsourcing some/ all their B2B marketing activity.

    This year, Really B2B featured 10th in the top marcomms agencies, the only demand generation agency to feature in the top 20 of the league table. Like many business sectors, the last 12 months have proved challenging for the UK agency marketplace, so it’s great to see fellow agencies continuing to deliver strong results and our position in the market as a leading B2B demand generation agency unchanged.

    As B2B Marketing mention in their report, the league tables will likely be affected in 2022 as agencies submit financials during the wake and peak of the pandemic. However, their findings will still provide an invaluable guide to the UK agency marketplace and how agencies continue to push the boundaries of their own industry. In the 2021 report for example, B2B Marketing’s survey found ‘that 89% of UK agencies are expecting growth or strong growth over the next 12 months’.

    To download the full report, click here.