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    Martech isn’t the solution, marketing is!

    This is a bold statement from a head of marketing automation – especially one who works at an award-winning marketing agency. Not only that, but an agency that won 3 B2B Marketing Awards for martech this year. But it is true.

    Marketing technology is great. It provides solutions to so many problems. It saves time. It saves money. And it is great to master as a specialism. I love martech.

    But, and it is a big but… the IT team cannot do your marketing for you. Martech cannot work on its own. It is part of the whole marketing picture. Marketers craft brands. They must communicate the value offered by that brand to their potential customer. That is a marketer’s passion and driving force behind everything we do.

    The big picture
    Communicating value requires beautiful design work. It needs expertly crafted words to convey meaning. At its core, marketing feeds from a solid value proposition. Skilled data people identify the target audience. Compelling content educates, amuses, inspires and above all helps the audience. And, all this requires insightful reports to show a return on investment.

    Martech is an essential part of this process of course. You need a well-oiled machine to deliver your marketing message. The system needs to be the skeleton supporting the marketing team. The foundation onto which a marketing masterpiece is built.

    Real world marketing
    Everyone involved in delivering your martech should understand marketing in the real world. You cannot have a partner whose focus is only on the technology. That is like getting the IT team to deliver your marketing. Technology-focused experts won’t understand your marketing. They don’t actually conceptualise marketing campaigns themselves.

    A short checklist to run through when deciding to work with a martech partner should be as follows:
    1) Are they solely technology experts?
    2) Have they only delivered technology implementations?
    3) Are their team members predominantly digital project managers?

    If the answer is yes for the above, they most likely won’t align with your marketing goals. They won’t get your marketing vision. They won’t understand that your passion is… marketing.

    True marketers
    Over my career I am lucky that I have worked on all aspects of marketing, both on client side and on the agency side. I have worked on the technology consultancy side too. And what I can say is I am so lucky to work for a marketing agency where I am exposed to every area of marketing. I work with talented designers and copywriters. I am surrounded by marketing campaign excellence. I am immersed in expert marketing every day… and that makes the martech which my team deliver award-winning.

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