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    Martech and running are the same

    Anyone who knows me, knows I love running. I am that annoying person who can’t go five minutes without mentioning it. When I meet new people, I usually tell them about two things. I work for a marketing agency and I am a runner.

    You are now thinking, “where is he going with this?”

    Being a good runner and a successful martech professional requires the same qualities. Now, I am not saying I am Mo Farah, but I am a pretty good runner. And, I do like to think I am pretty good at my job after 14 years working hard at my career. So how did I get here?


    I need grit to lace up my shoes and head out for a run. But I love the feeling of accomplishment when I have finished. This is the same for working in martech. With a determined attitude, you can solve anything. No technological challenge is too big. If you dig deep, you can do way more than you believe you are capable of.


    Being able to run well or run long distances takes a lot of time. When I started running, I could barely run for 2 minutes before having to walk. Now I can run for 3 hours without stopping. Building experience in martech takes a lot of patience too. It requires consistency and self-belief in the process. Small incremental improvements over a long period of time builds expertise in martech.

    Dealing with failure

    If you don’t fail, you don’t grow. I trained for my first big race, the Great South Run in Portsmouth. I trained for so long. Right at the last minute, I injured my knee. The feeling of failure was massive. Instead of giving up, I learnt my lessons and used it to improve. Martech is a lumpy and bumpy road sometimes. Not everything goes to plan. But, you take those failures and learn from them. The experience makes the future better.


    Running faster or longer distances requires training. And training takes time. I have to be efficient with my time to fit training around the rest of my life. This requires effective planning. If I wasn’t organised, I would not meet the goals I have set myself. The same applies for managing successful martech projects. Detailed planning and meticulous organisation lead to successful outcomes.

    Skill and improvement

    Now you would think running is just putting one foot in front of another. Which is true to some extent. But, to be a better runner, you need skill and form. Education and research lead to improved skill. In martech, there is no finishing line. A passion to learn new things and enhance skills it crucial. Continuous improvement is at the core of everything.

    Shiny new things

    And here is one final bonus point too. Using the latest, sexiest new piece of equipment will not transform you. Buying the latest running shoes will not make you an Olympian. And buying the latest piece of martech will not fill your pipeline with qualified leads. No new piece of software can replace fundamental marketing principles. Start with the basics, focus on the core principles and everything else will fall into place.

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    If you want to talk about running, you can also give me a call – I’ll talk about it all day long.