You may just be getting started on your marketing automation journey or you may want to discover ways to make more from your investment in an existing platform. Really B2B can support you at every step of the way and ensure maximum ROI is gained. We deliver results by using a unique combination of technological expertise, marketing experience and by combining inbound and outbound marketing in a unified way.

How we can help you

B2B marketing and lead generation is nothing like it was five years ago. As B2B buyers complete more of their purchase journey by themselves, businesses have had to react – fast. To generate ROI these days, you need an integrated marketing strategy that is multi-channel, so that’s exactly how we work.

Software selection

Functional requirements assessment and needs analysis

Platform implementation

Straightforward software delivery and installation

CRM and platform integration

Seamless connection of CRM and marketing technologies

Data management

Cleansing, appending and custom fields

Lead lifecycle

Mapping of the buyer journey to define success

Content audit and mapping

Content assessment and funnel alignment

Campaign and workflow planning

Nurture journeys, tailored campaigns and tactical approaches

Reporting and dashboards

Advanced reporting, propensity analysis and revenue modelling


Once you have decided that you are ready to progress into marketing automation, the next step is selecting the right software platform. We can help you decide which platform is right for you based on the following criteria:

  • Budget
  • Marketing complexity
  • CRM integrations
  • Technical requirements
  • Growth plans

Whether we have implemented your marketing automation platform for you or you already have a system in place, we will support you to ensure you make the most of your investment both now and into the future. This starts with marketing automation fundamentals including:

  • Nurture workflows
  • Content audits
  • The lead lifecycle
  • Email and landing page design
  • Campaign testing for mobile and email clients.

In order to progress, adapt and change, reporting against results and gaining insight is essential to inform successful campaigns and in turn highlight channels that could be performing better. We will support with gaining the maximum level of insight and analysis from all of the data offered by marketing automation.

  • Advanced reporting and dashboards
  • Insight driven future planning
  • Intricate technical functionality
  • Lead scoring
  • Progressive profiling
  • Account based marketing

Enough about us, now tell us about you

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