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    Everything you
    need to know about
    Lead Forensics

    As an advocate of Lead Forensics, we are often asked who is the software
    targeted at. It is clearly not for everyone.

    First as a business you need to be targeting business customers. This is not a
    B2C tool. This is because the data is about businesses.

    Secondly, you need to be a business that is looking to grow. You need to be
    reaching out to your customers already, not waiting for them to come to you.

    If you fit those two criteria, then read on, as this might well be a tool for you.

    Simply, Lead Forensics looks at the who behind the visitors on your site, so
    that you can better identify first who is looking, and secondly, and almost as
    importantly, what they need.

    Lead Forensics has impacted our sales
    activity by about 50%

    Duncan Stuart, ABC Imaging

    Lead Forensics for marketers

    Let me give an example. you are selling Stone to Builders, Architects, Councils etc.
    If Stephen from AB Architects comes to your website, Lead Forensics can:

    Identify That AB Architects has visited.
    Show you which pages they looked at

    Let’s say the last time you spoke to Stephen, he was looking at some Sandstone, and now
    you see he is looking in some depth at your cladding, you know that he is looking. Its then up you to
    decide if you write, call him or email him to follow the lead up, and see if you can find out
    about the project he is working on that might need your cladding.

    I am sure you can think of how that might fit into your business.

    Here is another example. You are at a trade show, and exchange many cards. a few days after, you spot
    that someone from Company XYZ has been to visit your site.

    Need I go on?

    If your relationship with you customers, and potential customers, is important to you,
    the chances are high that you could benefit significantly by using Lead Forensics.

    Every morning I used to switch on Google Analytics.
    Now every morning I switch on Lead Forensics

    Sam Silverwood-Cope, CMO and Founder, Pi Datametrics

    Lead forensics for marketers

    For more information about Lead Forensics Pricing please follow that link the goes to our blog.
    Further we have a post dedicated to Lead Forensics Competitors, to help you decide which
    is the best solution for you.

    Finally there are several Alternatives to Lead Forensics, and we would
    like you to consider them all, so that when you do decide to use Lead Forensics,
    you know understand why it is the best product for you.

    For more information about
    Lead Forensics visit their website

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