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    Everything you
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    Lead Forensics

    The online revolution

    With over 60% of marketing budgets being spent online including social media,
    content marketing, search, video and email, it’s no surprise there is
    increased pressure to measure the impact and increase the ROI of campaigns.

    Every day, businesses engage with your online activity and visit your website,
    but 98% of this traffic leaves without converting to a lead or making contact.
    How do you know who these businesses are, why they left, and how
    to get back in touch with them? And how can you know what attracted them
    to your website and which content influenced their online behaviour?

    The Lead Forensics lead generation software reveals the identity of these businesses,
    telling you who has visited your website and delivering the intelligence you need
    to convert them into leads.

    Lead Forensics has impacted our sales
    activity by about 50%

    Duncan Stuart, ABC Imaging

    Lead Forensics for marketers

    Do you know which of your marketing channels are generating the most leads?
    Which industries are responding to your campaigns? How prospects are interacting with
    the content you publish on your website? The Lead Forensics software will show you:

    • The full contact details and credit score information of companies visiting your website

    • How the companies found your site

    • Search terms used and referring links

    • Pages viewed and the time spent on each page

    • Visitor journey including previous visits

    This information gives you a deeper understanding of how to market to each industry
    and which campaigns and channels generate the greatest ROI. As the Number One in the
    market place, Lead Forensics can focus on ROI rather than costs. If you are serious
    about growing your business, the cost of Lead Forensics becomes irrelevant in regards
    to the additional value it will deliver to your business.

    Every morning I used to switch on Google Analytics.
    Now every morning I switch on Lead Forensics

    Sam Silverwood-Cope, CMO and Founder, Pi Datametrics

    Lead forensics for marketers

    For more information about Lead Forensics Pricing please follow that link the goes to our blog.
    Further we have a post dedicated to Lead Forensics Competitors, to help you decide which
    is the best solution for you.

    Finally there are several Alternatives to Lead Forensics, and we would
    like you to consider them all, so that when you do decide to use Lead Forensics,
    you know understand why it is the best product for you.

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