Lead Forensics cost and pricing

What is your business worth to you? A good approach is to evaluate the benefit derived from a spend, so that that value can be offset against the cost.

Advertising and marketing are always difficult to justify but can be if done rigorously. Online advertising can be tracked, and off-line advertising can be assessed in various ways, but rarely accurately. It is very easy to spend large amounts, without knowing how much benefit it gives.

When you are selling B2B, so much is about relationships, that having an insight into what that person is thinking, can be a real boost.

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“Lead Forensics has impacted our sales activity by about 50%”

Duncan Stuart, ABC Imaging

Lead Forensics for Marketers

So imagine a tool that can tell you when that key potential customer has been on your website, and what products they have looked at. Consider what might happen if you were never aware that they were looking for red widgets, and ended up buying from another company, really because they were in the right place at the right time, and you were not.

It is no wonder, that the testimonials for Lead Forensics talk of such massive returns on their investment. If used properly, it is a tool that you do not ask, “What is the cost of Lead Forensics”, but you ask what is the value?

The key question is: Can I afford to be without it?

“Every morning I used to switch on Google Analytics. Now every morning I switch on Lead Forensics”

Sam Silverwood-Cope, CMO and Founder, Pi Datametrics

Lead Forensics for Marketers

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Finally there are several Alternatives to Lead Forensics, and we would like you to consider them all, so that when you do decide to use Lead Forensics, you know understand why it is the best product for you.