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Who are the competitors of Lead Forensics? That’s not something I will answer here, as you can easily Google them to see who they are. What I would like to do here is talk about what options the various Lead Forensics Alternatives offer by way of value for money or lack of it.

I know that all Lead Forensics competitors are cheaper by month for their service. As I have explained on the page Lead Forensics Alternatives generally you get what you pay for, and so it’s important not to compare the cost of Lead Forensics and their competitors. but the value.

If a IP tracking tool is worth buying, then it seems a reasonable assumption that you might as well pay a little more, and get the best you can. So really its down to what is the value of a sale?

I think if the value of a sale is £100,000, and Lead Forensics manages to help you get one deal each year, then 5% would be a bargain. Also, if the value of a sale is just £5,000, and you get 20 in a year (That is less than 2 per month) then again, I would value Lead Forensics highly.

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“Lead Forensics has impacted our sales activity by about 50%”

Duncan Stuart, ABC Imaging

Lead Forensics for Marketers

So who are the competitors. In reality I don’t see any. For the very reasons given.

If the service is worth paying for, then really the difference between the best and the worst is cost terms is so small, that why would you do anything other than choose the best?

“Every morning I used to switch on Google Analytics. Now every morning I switch on Lead Forensics”

Sam Silverwood-Cope, CMO and Founder, Pi Datametrics

Lead Forensics for Marketers

For more information about Lead Forensics Pricing please follow that link the goes to our blog.

If you are looking for a Lead Forensics Review, then again, we have a blog post about it.

Finally there are several Alternatives to Lead Forensics, and we would like you to consider them all, so that when you do decide to use Lead Forensics, you understand why it is the best product for you.

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