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It is interesting that when a disruptive technology is launched, there are always copycat companies that try to ride on the back of the first starter.

Sometimes this works well, but there are always many that never make it.

Why is this?

Well my belief is that a person who is first to market, is an original thinker. This type of person is always innovating, developing and improving. Perfection is never a state they reach, they tend to be restless in their search for something better.

Someone who sees a band wagon, and jumps onto it, is a different person. They can be rigorous, dedicated to success, but rarely are they inventive as well. That takes a very special individual.

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“Lead Forensics has impacted our sales activity by about 50%”

Duncan Stuart, ABC Imaging

Lead Forensics for Marketers

So are there Alternatives to Lead Forensics?

Well yes of course there are. Are they Cheaper? Yes. Of course. As competitors they have to be. It is the only chance they have to take business from the market leader. The cost to them is that there is then less available funding to invest back into the product. So they not only have a key man missing, but also a shortage of funds to be able to expand the product in ever exciting ways, and get the quality of data that a product like Lead Forensics needs. And that is key… without good ip-tracking data Lead Forensics is nothing, and that takes a lot to keep up to date.

So while you might be happy with a simpler product, with fewer bells and whistles, it is very difficult to assess the cost of a lost opportunity, just because the ip tracking data was out of date.

“Every morning I used to switch on Google Analytics. Now every morning I switch on Lead Forensics”

Sam Silverwood-Cope, CMO and Founder, Pi Datametrics

Lead Forensics for Marketers

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