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    Keeping your marketing on track amid the chaos

    In this time of uncertainty, you have likely seen a shift in marketing focuses while businesses find their feet with this new remote way of working.

    As a B2B demand generation agency, we know first- hand that the one thing you must not cancel or slow down is your lead generation and marketing efforts. Here we discuss some ways to keep things ticking over amid the current chaos.

    Communicate through content

    With increasing pressure to communicate with your customers and prospects, now is the time to make sure your content is putting people at ease and communicating any changes in the most informative way, and across the most appropriate channels. Think tipsheets and infographics while people are time-precious, adjusting to home working, moving into the meatier ebooks as the weeks pass and things settle. But be cautious with your themes, misinformation (particularly now), will damage your brand reputation. Our advice, keep content factual and relevant to your business.

    Put yourself in your customer’s shoes

    Businesses I have spoken to recently have fallen into one of two camps. Companies experiencing an unprecedented surge in new business enquiries, and those dealing with a huge volume of not so positive customer service enquiries. Whichever side of the coin you find yourself on, it is of vital importance in this climate to speak to your customers, answer their questions, reassure them – remember, we’re all in this together. If the volumes are out of your control, consider a temporary outsource.


    It is an unfortunate thing that so many UK businesses are suffering as a result of this outbreak, you may already have felt the burn of businesses stopping services or even making redundancies, so in order to keep your business ticking along, you will need a steady flow of new opportunities coming in. As much as this won’t feel like a priority right now, with sales cycles as long as they are, you will feel the pain of this months down the line. A cold sales pipeline = no new business in the months to come, so it really is vital to ramp this up now!

    Keep the brand flame burning

    There will be a point where the country returns to normal, people will return to their offices and their normal buying habits, but until then it’s vital to keep your brand alive and visible – the cost of reigniting this down the line will not only be a financial burden on already stretched budgets, but will distract from the important stuff – servicing your existing clients and onboarding the new.

    At Really B2B, we have 15 years of experience delivering demand generation campaigns that deliver results, and quickly.

    Our team are poised to provide support wherever you need it the most. We can work quickly to drive a steady flow of inbound leads, help to keep your brand at the forefront of your customers’ mind, and communicate with you prospects and customers on your behalf, let us help.

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