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    Is B2B marketing a risk to your health?

    A recent post by B2B Marketing, has highlighted some staggering findings uncovered by a MedExpress report. According to the research, 75% of respondents regularly missed doctor’s appointments and failed to pick up prescriptions due to work commitments. More worryingly, workers in the marketing and media sector made up the largest percentage of this group.

    Now, we all know that marketers are typically enthusiastic, driven and committed to the cause, but placing their work responsibilities ahead of their own health must be due to a deeper reason than just their passionate nature.



    Under pressure

    It’s no secret that the B2B marketing industry is ever-changing. With new channels, tools, and disciplines becoming available every day, marketers are always under pressure to improve their skill set, implement new procedures, and stay ahead of the curve.

    In addition to the growing number of responsibilities and activities marketers are required to undertake, the general workload is also growing. Following the economic recovery, businesses across the country are looking to the future again and are focused on revenue generation and growth. As expected, these organisations are turning to their sales and marketing teams to provide leads and new business opportunities.

    So, not only are marketers being pushed to generate leads and revenue, they are also expected to utilise the latest tools such as social media, content, and marketing automation (all of which have steep learning curves).

    The solutions

    Providing marketing staff with training and development on the latest tools and practices is one way to help alleviate pressure and place their minds at rest. However, by doing so, you are asking them to devote time to learning in addition to their current workload, which will surely only add to the existing pressure. Also, committing your staff to training courses means they are kept away from their core duties which will either build up or require resources to cover. The result then, is that although learning and development is beneficial to both the marketer and their organisation, when workloads are as all-encompassing as they are now, this approach may in fact be detrimental.

    There is another alternative though… outsourcing. Your in-house marketing team have their set objectives, but these are being overshadowed by the growing need to specialise in additional activities. So, to avoid this, why not outsource these specialist responsibilities to an agency that has the expertise and knowledge capable of helping you generate results quickly and efficiently. Using this approach means you are not only able to utilise the talents of experts immediately, but the pressure on your in-house team can be reduced – enabling them to carry out their core roles more effectively.


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