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    Is Account Based Marketing (ABM) Right for You?

    When you know who your most profitable and high-profile clients are, why wouldn’t you want to attract more organisations just like them? Well, that’s exactly what account based marketing (ABM) enables businesses to achieve. By targeting a hand-picked group of ‘dream’ prospects, companies can focus their energy and resources on creating highly targeted messaging and activity.


    This account based marketing approach enables businesses to increase their average order values, work with bigger brands, and effectively measure their ROI. However, it’s not for everyone. In order for ABM to work, and for companies to see a return on their investment, they first need to meet a variety of criteria. For example, do they have high average order values? Do they have a clearly defined list of dream prospects? Do they have the resources in-house to manage this resource-intensive activity? For businesses that are unable to meet this criteria, their marketing budgets are better spent on other activity.

    So is account based marketing for you? Well, there’s only one way to find out. To see if your business is ready to take the leap into ABM activity, or whether your budget should be invested elsewhere…

    Click the image above to take our simple account based marketing quiz