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    In This World Of Digital Natives, Are You Digitally Displaced?

    As a generation who were born or brought up during the age of internet technology, digital natives are able to adapt and respond to the latest digital trends with seemingly little trouble. What about the rest of us though? What about those of us who go to great lengths to understand and implement the latest tech, only to find that 3 more tools have arrived in the marketplace during that time? As people who seem to be endlessly chasing a ‘comfort zone’ of the latest technology knowledge, these digitally displaced marketers could really do with a break.


    The extent of the problem

    Marketing technology encompasses everything from automation and social listening, to email marketing and CRM systems (to name but a few). So, how quickly is the martech industry growing? Well, the answer is exponentially. Yes, from 2015 to 2016, it’s believed that the number of technology solutions actually doubled. This is the reason why the digitally displaced are feeling increasingly alienated among their technically savvy colleagues. With a wave of change happening so forcefully and frequently, it’s easy to see why many are feeling left out. So, is there a way for the digitally displaced marketer to better understand the ever-changing world of marketing tech? Not really, no. But, there is a solution.

    Accept and seek advice

    It’s true that digital natives have an inherent ability to understand the latest tech, but it’s not the case for every new development. In fact, if anyone tells you they know how to use all the latest tools then they are likely telling you ‘porkies’. With literally thousands of martech solutions to choose from, every generation is reaching the limitations of their knowledge. The truth is, in today’s modern world, the best any of us can do is select solutions and then learn to use them to the best of our ability. The only other approach is to seek external support. When you feel you’re at your wit’s end and there is simply no way you can memorise one more software username and password, then it’s time to ask for help. With changing technology, comes an ever-increasing number of experts. Some people will be good at implementing and managing marketing automation, others will specialise in social media marketing. But ultimately, there will always be an external agency or partner that can ensure you are at the forefront of martech (whether you understand it or not).

    Digital partnerships

    Fear not digitally displaced marketers, you are no longer alone. Multi-channel B2B marketing agencies will be able to guide and advise you on the latest technology and help you use it to generate the best results.


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