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    How to win your audience’s votes with unique B2B content


    During the run up to an election, party political rhetoric increases significantly. By now we are all used to the multitude of leaflets posted through our letterboxes, party political broadcasts replacing TV adverts, and town centres grinding to a halt as MPs speak on a personal level to prospective voters.

    B2B content marketing infographic

    All of this ‘noise’ is intended to inform us and help us to decide who we will vote for, if we choose to vote at all. Curiously, there are strong similarities between these tactics and those we employ as B2B marketers.

    After all, aren’t we attempting to inform our own prospective voters (customers) through the use of content so they will vote for us rather than the competition?

    Over half (54%) of marketers say their biggest challenge is producing engaging content – The Content Marketing Institute

    The problem that many marketing departments face at the moment is differentiating their content from the competition.

    It is common knowledge in the B2B marketing sphere that nearly 60% of the buyers’ purchasing journey is completed before they speak with a sales rep at a company. Because of this, many marketers use content to help attract and nurture leads. But with so many people practising this strategy – and the number is still rising – search engine results are becoming increasingly congested.

    Currently, when your prospective voters turn to the internet for help, they are faced with up to 2,900 marketing messages per day according to Marketo. Therefore, buyers often find themselves trawling through pages of relatively similar information.

    The most successful companies know that their marketing content, just like the products/services they offer, must be unique if it’s to stand out and grab their audiences’ attention. Thus maximising their department’s ROI.

    The question is: with so much material out there, how can you make your content stand out?

    Well, while curating other people’s content is still an important part of any content strategy, you also have to produce your own original content that carries your company’s personality and is presented in an interesting and engaging way.

    Just like for the political parties, at the end of the day there is no secret, quick-fix formula to winning votes. You need to listen to your audience, understand to their pain points, and what they’re looking for in a solution.

    Use this information to present the reasons buyers should vote for you in a way that stands out from the crowd by using unique themes and designs.

    To help you with this, we have produced an infographic which contains an election-winning checklist to help you win customers’ votes, even at a time when B2B marketing material is more abundant, and easily accessible, than ever.

    View the free infographic: 'How to create unique B2B content and win your audience's votes'