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    How to: measure, analyse
    and optimise your content in 2024


    Part of an effective content plan is being able to see what works and what doesn’t, then amending your plans and content in accordance. Granted, this is not the easiest task in today’s B2B marketing world, but it’s vitally important if you are to succeed. Without the ability to measure open rates, click through rates, and export statistics for your content, you won’t have the insights you need to avoid failing tactics and replicate good results in future. So, here’s what you need to know about measuring, analysing, and optimising your content in 2024…




    To effectively measure the success of your content, you must first define your objectives and then utilise the appropriate metrics to monitor your results. Below, we’ve outlined the most common content goals and the metrics that can be employed to evaluate their success:

    • Brand awareness – web traffic, views, downloads, social engagement
    • Engagement – likes, shares, inbound links, social engagement
    • Lead generation – form completions, downloads, email responses, conversion rates
    • Sales – online sales, offline sales, manual reporting
    • Customer retention – % of content consumed by existing customers, retention rates

    For those uncertain about how to measure the success of each content type aligned with their specific goals, refer to the key performance indicators (KPIs) for different content pieces:


    With your goals and KPIs established, it’s time to collect and analyse your results. To streamline this process, consider investing in content management and marketing automation tools to consolidate all your performance data into a unified dashboard. This approach will allow you to easily track your assets’ performance against your objectives.



    Now, we arrive at the most challenging aspect of the process—optimising your content strategy based on your findings and specific goals. For instance, you may discover that prospects are opening your HTML emails but not downloading the content within them, or that your target audience is liking your social posts but not commenting or sharing. Overcoming these challenges can be made easier by collaborating with B2B content marketing experts who possess unparalleled industry expertise to help you unlock the full potential of content marketing.

    The B2B marketing experts

    At ReallyB2B, our marketing experts combine a data-driven approach with in-depth market research and emotional understanding to help you create engaging content and deliver campaigns that connect with your audience. We keep our finger on the pulse of new marketing trends and technology to ensure we always guide you with the latest innovations. We compiled 6 helpful hints and tips for you to consider when you start planning your B2B marketing…





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