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    How to combat B2B marketing overload

    In a recent study by Workfront, it was found that the main cause of stress for marketers was feeling overloaded (chosen by 80% of respondents). In addition to this, when asked what makes them dread their job most, 51% of marketers said ‘juggling all of their work to get it done in a 40-hour week’.

    So it’s clear for all to see that the growth in B2B marketing channels, activities and reports is making life very difficult for many marketers. But it doesn’t need to be like this. The fact is, the feeling of being overloaded and unable to cope with demands during the normal working week can suggest a skill gap in your team. By building a team of specialists and experienced markers, it’s possible to share the load, delegate, and take some of the pressure off.


    The B2B marketing team of choice:

    Recruiting people to fill an available role is one thing, but in order to have the option to delegate in future, there are certain types of specialists and personalities you’ll need within your team. To make life a little easier for you, here are the 5 marketers you should look to develop or recruit…

    The visual pro:

    The one who takes a piece of text and brings it to life with a visual. This marketer has a passion for producing highly engaging images, infographics, email content and web design.

    The content creator:

    As head of all things content, this marketer has a flair for copywriting. A detailed understanding of the industry and company prospects results in targeted and relevant content.

    The social media guru:

    A marketer with tact for real-time and reactive marketing. They use social media networks to have the right conversations with the right people in the right places.

    The analyst:

    A data scientist, whose skills lie in measuring results, digging up insights and working with the marketing team to generate leads off the back of this.

    The ROI strategist:

    With a talent for managing, this marketer knows for a campaign to achieve ROI, there needs to be a clearly executed strategy. This one works with the team to integrate all marketing activity.

    Reducing stress and generating better results 

    By ensuring that you have these staff members on your team, you can rest assured that each person is a specialist in their own field and capable of handling the unique challenges they face. By effectively delegating tasks to these members of staff, you can reduce the overall stress on individual members and create a more relaxed working environment. By focusing employees’ attention only on the tasks they are most capable of completing, not only is the ‘overloaded’ feeling removed, but the quality of the output is also improved.

    To measure the strengths and weaknesses of your current marketing team and to highlight the areas that may need training/development or recruitment…

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