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    How B2B marketers can do more,
    with a smaller team

    In April 2020, 31.2% of marketing businesses planned to reduce employment over the following three months. It’s since been reported that 612,000 UK workers lost their jobs between March and June of this year

    It’s no surprise that teams are smaller and budgets are tighter than they were this time in 2019. Yet,  teams still have results to deliver and targets to hit otherwise, businesses would have no choice but to shut up shop.

    However, one silver lining to the cloudiness of 2020 is these teams now have an opportunity to rethink how they work. A smaller team doesn’t have to mean fewer results and less output. In fact, there is evidence to suggest smaller teams work more efficiently, productively and strategically.

    So, click the tablet to find 6 ways your smaller team can adjust their working and deliver over and above what is expected…