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    Empowerment at Really B2B

    Girl Boss. The new well-known trend that every woman aspires to be. Ambitious, driven, confident, gets work done with nothing standing in her way. Everyone respects her, nobody doubts her.

    At Really B2B, that description fits every woman in the building.


    Kirsty Dawe, the MD, was a large influencing factor for my decision to apply to Really B2B, and meeting other inspiring, motivated woman like her at my interview stage solidified my desire to work for such an influential agency.

    Having such an inspirational senior management team working as the backbone of the business instils a culture of empowerment and growth, leaving the whole team fearless and open to new, innovative ideas. This focuses us all on constantly thinking outside of the box to achieve the top results and ensures we are aligned in the direction the business is moving. It’s no wonder we rank 13th in the Best Workplaces for Women!

    When I first joined, I was a nervous graduate who had never experienced the working world before – with little knowledge of what to expect, I had little confidence in my abilities. Really B2B has been the perfect place to kick-start my career and grow my confidence through the incredible network of supportive, empowering women I have the luxury of working with every day. Those closest to me, Anna and Ashley, are extremely driven, and the most efficient pair I have ever met! Always throwing themselves head first into work and consistently going above and beyond to achieve to results, they leave their clients delighted with the service and motivate me to always put in 110%.

    Along with my direct managers, the marketing team are another group of total girl bosses. They are an extremely energetic and engaging team whose fantastic work ensures Really B2B is broadcasted in a professional, but innovative way to drive business success. Despite having to manage an exceptionally high workload, the team consistently maintain a can-do attitude and are always ready to help. They tirelessly work to smash their targets, demonstrating determination and dedication every single day.

    Throughout the entire agency there is such a supportive, united and empowering culture. Any achievements, no matter how big or small are always acknowledged and no question is ever left unanswered. Everyone is always happy to help and any new ideas to improve on what we do are graciously accepted.

    Working for Really B2B is the perfect environment to experiment, try new things without fear, push boundaries to achieve the best results possible and learn how it truly feels to be empowered by the people you work with.