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The Client

Zipcar for Business (Z4B) is the corporate arm
of Zipcar, the world’s largest car club network
and leader for cars on demand.

Their solution isn’t just about fewer cars, it means less
congestion and pollution, making it ideal for any
business concerned with sustainability and social
responsibility. Operating across a variety of UK cities,
Z4B offers members access to a vehicle whenever
they need it, from a convenient location within their
area. Clients save time by avoiding public transport,
delays and queues, and save money on travel costs.

The challenge

After 2 years of rapid growth in the SME private sector,
Z4B needed to launch into the public sector in order to
maintain and boost revenue as the business moved

Zipcar Zipcar

The Solution

Working with Really B2B, they used insight around public
sector challenges and the mood created by the current
financial climate to devise a campaign which both conveyed
a clear message and generated an emotional connection.

Playing on the Zipcar brand and a famous phrase, the
Zip-a-dee-doo-car campaign was born and used as the
theme for an integrated approach, designed to surprise and
delight local and central government prospects and the team
around them. Direct mail was used to achieve impact and
take potential customers on a journey which featured a clear
call to action and left them with a smile.

Target audience

Local and central government

The decision-making units:

  • Fleet directors
  • Transport managers
  • Facilities directors
  • Finance directors

radius of
Zipcar’s head office

Communication channels

The Creative

Campaign Results

Campaign Results