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The Client

Original BTC are a British designer and manufacturer
of handmade, decorative lighting products for the
home and commercial sector.

The business has seen unprecedented organic growth
since 1990. Supplying the retailand contract markets,
there is an emphasis on the hotel, restaurant and
leisure industries. The company also exports 50% of
its production.

The challenge

Original BTC approached Really B2B to support their
growth, with a key focus on interior designers.

With limited resources internally, they needed support
to help shift their focus from consumer retail and export
activity to B2B.

The solution

Really B2B had to establish the database of interior designers in the UK,
identify channels to reach professional designers and ‘hobbyist’ designers
who presented themselves as an audience of the future.

The goal was to develop engaging and aspirational content and introduce
measurement into the marketing function, tying back to sales revenue.
Using a combination of on and offline tactics, Really B2B devised a campaign
that didn’t just create awareness, but measured performance by channel right
the way through to sales – a first for Original BTC.

The campaign was then rolled out across the UK, US and EU.

Target audience

Communication Channels

The creative

Campaign Results

Campaign Results