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The client

Citroën Contract Motoring (CCM) are specialists in
business vehicle funding and are the largest fleet
operator in Europe.

The business serves the full spectrum of business
vehicle owners from small owner managed through
to large corporates.

Citroën Vans offer an award-winning, competitively
priced commercial vehicle. Clients benefit from low
fixed costs, tailored maintenance and service plans,
with and an excellent range

The challenge

Citroën van sales were not increasing as they
had been in previous years.

The fleet marketplace was becoming even more
competitive with decision-makers being courted
by up to five different suppliers at the time
of contract renewal. Citroën knew their offering
was strong both in terms of product and price
but were not getting in front of enough of the
right people at the right time.

The solution

Through in-depth research of the target market and individual decision-makers, Really B2B
found that drivers don’t want to think about what’s included within their vehicle.

They just want it to provide all the core benefits they have come to expect. To them, all
the added-value of driving a Citroën van “goes without saying” or translated into a campaign big idea
is… “standard”. With a Citroën van, so much more comes as standard. This idea and approach
conveyed the message of value and highlighted that fleet directors
could get a better vehicle without the higher price tag.

Target audience

Fleet directors and
managers within large

Communication channels

The Creative

Campaign Results

Campaign Results