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The Client

ADEY Professional Heating Solutions are the
UK’s leading manufacturer of central heating magnetic filters,
chemicals and cleaning systems for the domestic and
commercial markets. Its key domestic product,
MagnaClean® removes iron-oxide ‘black sludge’ from
central heating systems, ensuring optimum performance,
energy efficiency, less breakdowns and cost
savings for homeowners.

Sold to independent central heating installers via plumbing merchants,
over 5m homes in the UK and Europe have a MagnaClean® filter,
which are traditionally fitted during a new boiler or central
heating system install.

The challenge

Research identified that installers seldom fitted
a MagnaClean® when undertaking a repair or a service
in a customer’s home and with the onset of the key
winter season, ADEY wanted to develop a campaign
to reach and engage with installers.

The goal was to promote the retrofitting of a MagnaClean®
when in a customer’s home – driving additional product
warranty registrations.

The Solution

The team at Really B2B decided to conveythe campaign
message in a fun and engaging way, using tongue-in-cheek
humour which was perfect for the heating installer audience.

The campaign theme was loosely based on the bright
and loud noughties’ MTV show Pimp My Ride hosted
by rapper Xzibit, where contestants take a car in poor condition,
restore and customise it. Rendered graphics of boilers
featuring spoilers, aerofoils and vinyls were used to visually
illustrate how installers could ‘pimp’ their customers’ boilers,
increasing the boilers life, enhancing heating efficiency
and reducing costs. And by association, installers would
be ‘doing their customers a favour’, elevating the perception
of the installer as a trusted tradesman and securing loyalty
through customer satisfaction.

Target audience

Communication channels

The Creative

Campaign Results

Campaign Results