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    Bringing Dead B2B Marketing Leads Back to Life This Halloween…

    Taking its name from an ancient ritualistic feast called ‘All Hallows Evening’, Halloween is the one night of the year when the spirits of the dead can return to earth. So, as the streets fill with devilish ghouls, wicked witches, hideous monsters… and a lot of kids dressed as Harry Potter, ask yourself what you can do to breathe life back into your dead B2B marketing leads.

    b2b leads back from dead.png

    Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and caldron bubble

    Before you go looking for eyes of newts and toes of frogs to throw into your slow cooker, be aware that there’s no magic spells needed here. Although some of your leads may have faded into the darkness like ghosts, that doesn’t mean you can’t still contact them and bring them back – all you need to do is speak their language. And we don’t mean shouting BOO!

    When reengaging dead leads, don’t beat about the bush with fluffy messaging. Instead, be straight-talking and to the point. Ask them what made them lose interest in your product/service, ask if anything has changed at their company which you can now help with, and of course enquire what would bring them back. If possible, get them to take part in survey so that you can track a wide variety of their thoughts and feelings.

    All treat, no tricks

    Don’t scare them away. If you immediately start pushing for a sale, you’ll lose them again. Instead, look to reconfigure your email and telephone messages to help build their trust again. Go back to basics and try to get them to engage with your content. Show them via thought leadership that while you were both out of contact, your business and services grew and improved too. By starting the relationship from fresh, you have a second chance to prove your worth to them, and show that you are the company they should be working with.

    Things that go bump in the… boardroom

    It’s believed that the best time to try and bring a dead lead back to life is when their business is going through some changes. For example, a change of leadership, or a new office location, or perhaps a big win for them. These trigger events give you an opportunity to not only get back in touch, but also start a conversation based on the changes that have happened. Once the conversation is started, it’s much easier to nurture the lead towards a sale. Basically, these conversation-starters are invaluable when it comes to saving leads.

    Don’t be a scaredy-cat

    Sending one email or making one call will not be enough to resurrect a dead lead. Instead, you need to be highly determined, and continue to get your brand in front of their eyes as regularly as possible. One course of action for this activity is retargeted ads. For example, once leads have engaged with your brand’s website, you can ensure your ad (perhaps for a relevant piece of content) then appears in locations such as their social media feeds. This retargeting will help to keep your brand front of mind while you continue to grow the relationship with them.

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