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    Martech and running are the same

    Anyone who knows me, knows I love running. I am that annoying person who can’t go five minutes without mentioning it. When I meet new people, I usually tell them about two things. I work for a marketing agency and I am a runner. You are now thinking, “where is he going with this?” Being […]

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    B2B CX – We have the power to change

    In such challenging times we’re all looking at how best to invest our time, effort and budget to make a positive difference. Of course, there are many ways to do this, but to me one of the best places to start as a B2B marketer is customer experience. I’d say the B2B experience is so […]

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    Martech isn’t the solution, marketing is!

    This is a bold statement from a head of marketing automation – especially one who works at an award-winning marketing agency. Not only that, but an agency that won 3 B2B Marketing Awards for martech this year. But it is true. Marketing technology is great. It provides solutions to so many problems. It saves time. […]

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    Get Stacked 2020 – Key Learnings

    It’s hard to believe that the time has rolled around again for the annual B2B Marketing Get Stacked event, but as with most things in the current climate – with a change in approach! Set up as a virtual event, this would typically strike the fear of death by PowerPoint into the hearts of most […]

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    Really Masterclasses – Where to start with content

    Not every prospect is ready to convert at the same time, and it can take a bit of a nudge to push some prospects down the sales funnel. As a lead generation agency, we use content to achieve this goal, and considering it generates 3X the ROI of traditional marketing programmes, the juice is definitely […]

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    Keeping your marketing on track amid the chaos

    In this time of uncertainty, you have likely seen a shift in marketing focuses while businesses find their feet with this new remote way of working. As a B2B demand generation agency, we know first- hand that the one thing you must not cancel or slow down is your lead generation and marketing efforts. Here […]

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    The power of personality profiling

    72% of business buyers expect communications from businesses that are personalised to suit their needs. To connect with your prospects, you need to tailor your communications to their unique needs – as a B2B marketing professional, you likely understand this. But, are you capitalising on every opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of your audience? […]

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    Why sales and marketing are no longer separate entities

    Gone are the days of the marketing team one side of the room and sales the other, only speaking to pass over leads. We have reached an age where we need to work smarter to see increased results. Enter, “SMARKETING”…   Why sales and marketing are no longer separate entities Companies that align sales and […]

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    Direct mail – an award-winning B2B channel

    We all live in a digital world. We join video conferences from our phones, receive text messages on smart watches, and read emails on tablets – it couldn’t be more convenient. However, if we put our ‘marketer’ hats on, this narrative changes slightly. What we’ve got now is an audience that’s bombarded with ads and […]

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    Personalisation and segmentation: The extra push for your emails

    To achieve real results with inbound marketing, you need to send the right message to the right person. So, how do you figure out what and who that is? But first – does inbound marketing actually work? Inbound has the highest conversion rate of any type of marketing, with an ROI of up to £32.28 […]

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