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    B2B Marketing’s Ignite Conference took place on June 29-30 and brought together many of the industry’s best and brightest. The result was highly engaging and thought-provoking discussion sessions, roundtables and presentations where insights and information were traded freely. Now, as expected, topics such as artificial intelligence (AI) and return on investment (ROI) were discussed widely, but these weren’t the only themes that were covered during the two-day event. In fact, there were multiple subjects covered and many priceless pieces of information that are likely to become essential to B2B marketers over the coming months. To ensure you don’t miss out, and you’re fully prepared for the future of our industry, we’ll explore a few of these developments in this blog.

    The right automation is priceless

    With artificial intelligence and machine learning becoming not just hot topics in 2023, but also points of contention and concern, it’s understandable that many marketers are being cautious about any kind of technology at the moment. But let’s be clear, while AI still raises questions around ethics and biases, technology like marketing automation (MA) has a proven track record of helping marketing teams in multiple ways. From data capture and insight identification, to streamlining workloads and lead scoring, MA is a revolutionary tool for B2B marketers and one that should be given great consideration (if you’re not already using it). Yes, you may need help choosing the tool that’s right for your needs, but the juice is definitely worth the squeeze. Don’t let concerns around the latest technologies prevent you from benefitting from proven tech solutions.

    Get deep into data

    Whether you have marketing automation technology or simply just an in-house CRM system, the likelihood is that you have a colossal amount of data – from demographic to behavioural insights. But, what good is this data if it just sits there, potentially costing you storage overheads (on the cloud)? The answer is to start making this wealth of information work for you. Use it to find out which of your prospects are most likely to convert, what channels your audience prefer to communicate on, what content formats they engage with, what message typically gets them across the line, plus much more.

    With the growth in technology comes the expansion of data – and as such, a huge increase in your opportunities. To really see the value in the information you have, you’ll need a specialist. They could be a data expert, an analytics specialist, or simply just a marketing agency with high levels of experience in this area. But whichever route you go down, the results should make it very worthwhile.

    Speak to industry leaders

    Before starting any marketing activity, there should always be a research stage in which you try to understand your audience’s pain points, objectives and drivers. This makes perfect sense, right? Otherwise you end up in a scenario where you are trying to sell ice in the arctic – not good for business. But, did you know that there’s also a great deal of value in interviewing and analysing industry leaders? Whilst these individuals (such as CEOs) may not form part of your target audience, what they can do is provide priceless insights into topics such as technology adoption in their industry, budgeting processes, team structures, and even cultural information.

    By combining this high-level insight with the results from your audience research, you can start to not only build up a vivid image of your potential buyers, but also the approach your marketing campaign needs to take. So yes, while audience research is also important, don’t overlook the opportunity that lies in speaking to industry leaders too.

    Streamline your success

    At ReallyB2B, we are the go-to B2B marketing experts. Our specialists blend emotional understanding and extensive marketing expertise to uncover insights, create engaging content, and help customers grow with results-driven campaigns. If you don’t have the time or resources to constantly research and implement the latest marketing techniques, don’t worry, we can help you succeed. Following the B2B Ignite Conference, we put together the most pertinent information and industry highlights that you need to know. To see the latest updates in marketing, simply download our latest guide…

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