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    B2B Predictive Lead Scoring – Have You Got The Skills?

    As we’ve highlighted in this blog previously, B2B predictive lead scoring is growing in popularity. As the number of organisations utilising this tool continues to grow, so too do the reports of its success. For example, in a recent survey by SiriusDecisions, they found that 98% of respondents say they would purchase predictive lead scoring again [i]. This level of positive feedback is difficult to argue with. However, there seems to be a hurdle preventing a widespread adoption of this solution… skills and resources.

    Skills to pay the bills

    A report by Forbes Insight [ii] has found that although top-level executives understand the importance and benefits of predictive lead scoring, only 13% of companies currently consider themselves to be highly advanced in the area. The report goes on to state that 68% of organisations have a high demand for predictive analytics skill-sets.

    In the current B2B marketing climate, these statistics are not hugely surprising. The fact is, with continuing growth in communication channels, marketing strategies, and automation technology, many organisations are simply struggling to keep up with all the changes and developments. With each new advancement comes its own steep learning curve, and marketers are under enough pressure already trying to ensure their current activity is generating results. This need for continuous training is shown in another Forbes finding which states that, 71% of employers offer on-site training and education, with a further 61% encouraging coaching and mentoring.

    The best approach

    As we’ve established, B2B predictive lead scoring is a highly valuable tool for marketers and will likely continue growing in popularity over the coming months and years. But, the problem that still needs to be addressed is the lack of specialist employees. The first option for overcoming this is to train and develop existing members of staff to become competent users of the tool. The downside though, is that as they are already under pressure, so adding more learning objectives is not likely to be well received.

    The other option worth considering though is outsourcing. Many organisations have certain reservations about outsourcing their marketing needs, and perhaps rightly so. But, what if it wasn’t the entire marketing activity that was outsourced? What if it was only the latest channels and tools that were outsourced to specialists who could generate ROI quickly and efficiently? Sounds good right? By partnering with B2B marketing experts, not only can you ensure you are able to utilise the latest technology, you can also give your in-house marketers the freedom to focus on their core responsibilities.


    So what are you waiting for? To carry out a review of your in-house resources and the potential skill gaps which may need to be addressed…

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