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    B2B Marketing’s Big Data Buzz

    Data has been one of the biggest buzzwords in marketing for a few years now, so it’s no surprise that one of the industry’s newest exhibitions is growing as such a rapid pace. Our team went along to Big Data LDN 2017 to check out the latest trends, vendor solutions and predictions for data in B2B – and what it means for you.

    b2B big buzz.jpg

    Big Data LDN

    Billed as the UK’s largest analytics event, Big Data LDN was back for a second time this year, and attendance was huge. Whilst vendors vied for our attention, there were talks from leading industry experts across a range of topics in the keynote theatre, including fast data, self-serve analytics and AI.

    Industry influencers discussed results from the 4th industrial revolution survey (Download the full report here:, and what this means for businesses in today’s data-driven world. CDOs (chief data officers) and leaders from the UK’s fastest growing companies spoke candidly on their latest wins, the issues they’ve faced to get there and how to overcome them.


    Regulations vs culture – Although correct handling of privacy and data security goes without saying, key issues being discussed this year revolved around reporting the right metrics (single truth, and no vanity metrics), communication and instilling a culture of data-driven decisions.

    Lack of skills – Most businesses rate their access to the right data analysis skills lower than their data technology access. This is no surprise with the amount of vendors offering database tools, visualisation suites, fancy dashboards and report generators, the skills to use these tools, interpret the output and make profitable decisions are always going to be the biggest barrier for most businesses.

    Customer experience – Ultimately, getting good data and good insights is going to give your business better results, but it would be short sighted to look only at revenues and profits here. Good marketing agencies will work with you to improve your prospects experience on the road to purchase, and build better long-term relationships for you.

    Trial by data

    There were solutions on offer for every type of customer problem and for people at any stage of their data analysis journey within their organisation. Many of the vendors offered trial periods or consultations to review the state of your business’ data, and while many of the solutions on offer are targeted at end customers, it became clear that marketing agencies must remain agnostic in their approach.

    Not just #BigData, #SmallData too

    Among the many great insights from the Big data LDN event, it’s clear that many businesses are looking for support to navigate the ever-growing complex industry of data.

    While buzzwords around big data, AI and fast data abounded, speakers warned not to “build your house on sand”, with so many businesses in the early stages of their data strategies, getting the foundations right and seeing sustainable results should be high on your agenda.

    Partnering with a marketing agency with a dedicated B2B data analytics team is key to developing a leading marketing campaign with a strong foundation.

    For help with your marketing data and to explore how Really B2B can help you with your business goals for 2018, speak to us today on 02392 314498 or email