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    B2B Marketing Content – The Importance of Relevance and Frequency

    Although we are marketers, we are also consumers, which means we’ve no doubt seen our fair share of marketing content in our time. Now, consider this, when was the last time a piece of content really captured your attention and kept you engaged? A week ago? A month ago? The fact of the matter is that as marketers flood the industry with sub-standard content, the more we all become jaded to the concept. Additionally, the frequency at which content such as blogs are being published is nothing short of saturation. Without relevance and a realistic publishing frequency, content will be almost useless for lead generation before we know it.


    Start with the basics – get the messaging right

    If marketers are producing content, then they should have initially created buyer personas. Within these documents will be information regarding buyer pain points and challenges. This means that any content created in future should be related to at least one of these pain points and provide some form of solution. If the content does not offer such a resolution, then it will be largely irrelevant to the buyer and leave them feeling unfulfilled and disengaged. Once a buyer reaches this stage of apathy towards content, it’s difficult to get them back.

    Timing is everything

    Assuming persona documents have been utilised and the content is highly relevant to buyers, does this mean that marketers should be churning out blogs about it on a daily basis? Certainly not. I know it’s difficult to believe this when some organisations have been known to publish multiple blogs in one day, but this is a bad idea. Even when you have good content that you know will resonate with decision-makers, you should never resort to ‘spamming’ buyers. In B2B content marketing, there’s nothing wrong with being a tease. By posting blogs just once or twice a week, you can use these opportunities to build interest and demand for your product/service. The phrase ‘less is more’ has never been more relevant than it is with B2B marketing content.

    The key to success

    To ensure content such as ebooks and tip sheets smash through the white noise of sub-standard alternatives, it’s vitally important that they are targeted, informative, helpful, and easily digestible. In addition, related texts such as blogs should be distributed at a frequency of 1-2 per week, in order to slowly build interest among buyers and decision-makers.


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