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    B2B content marketing – interactive is coming!

    Content is both the cause of, and solution to, many marketers’ problems.

    Like channels including email and social media, content has taken its place as a fundamental pillar of B2B marketing. When planning campaigns or marketing strategies, content’s inclusion is simply a given – and rightly so. Tackling long buying cycles, building brand trust, or positioning organisations as industry thought-leaders, few channels do the job as well as content. From ebooks and tip sheets, to infographics and checklists, this multi-function solution has a place in all marketing activities… and this could be its downfall.

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    Why content needs to change

    Every Tom, Dick, Harry, Lauren, and Georgina are churning out content at a never-before-seen frequency. Some of it is amazing and some of it should never have been written, but it’s all guilty of one thing … desensitising audiences. The internet is awash with content. The vast majority of B2B sites have a content hub and a number of gated landing pages protecting their stockpile of ebooks and tip sheets – whether they are worth reading or not. This inconsistency in quality means that the inherent value of all content is being reduced, and audiences are less likely to engage in the way they used to. What we are seeing now is a ‘lean back’ approach to content consumption. Audiences download yet another PDF document, lean back in their chair, and skim through the text in the hope that something catches their eye. The levels of engagement and active involvement are so low that the benefits of content are being lost.

    Is content dead?

    No, content is not dead – but it does need a kick up the backside. This is where interactive content comes into play. Taking the fundamental thought-leadership and lead nurturing copy from traditional formats, this can be turned into webpages which prompt the reader to click, scroll, and reveal information. Whether it’s a quiz, a calculator, a video, or all of these things combined into a dynamic ebook, interactive is all about achieving ‘lean forward’. By prompting the audience to become involved in the content piece (via multiple actions), their jaded and apathetic response is overcome by a sense of involvement and interest. Then the magic happens. Given that the content is hosted online, all metrics such as clicks, scrolls, and abandons can be tracked and analysed – providing marketers with real-time insights.
    Get ahead of the curve

    Over the coming months and years, the B2B marketing industry is going to see a shift away from static, PDF-based content, and towards more interactive variations. Now, given the complexity of making this move and choosing the software that will best suit your requirements, there is likely to be a steep learning curve. But, there doesn’t need to be. At Really B2B, we’ve been observing this industry shift and preparing the necessary tools and expertise to succeed in the new interactive world. So, if you’d like to know more about the future of B2B content, and how you can stay ahead of your competitors, speak to us today on (0)23 9231 5607 or email