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    Are Your Marketing and Data Teams Working Together?

    Data is key to how every business performs in the 21st century. But so much has changed in the last few years that now, your sales and marketing teams have to be working together with your data teams to ensure success. So what key steps can you take to be sure this is the case and that you maximise your marketing productivity?


    Data and human nature – You have to understand both

    All marketing boils down to human-to-human interaction, even B2B marketing. People are complex and emotional beings, so can data analysis on their buying habits really reflect key insights? Great marketing and data teams will look at the human side of the story that data tells you…

    E-Commerce companies have known about these tips for a while, people tend to be influenced by the majority. ‘Social proofing’ such as Amazon’s most popular sorting category and recommendation engines leverage huge amounts of customer data to cash in on this aspect of human nature.

    Or, take for example the humble email subject line. Data may show you what types of subject lines perform well with different groups, but by understanding human nature, your marketing teams can craft more creative subject lines which work with your insights!

    Review channel/campaign performance, and tweak

    Teams that measure themselves are on the path to success. It’s not simply a ‘nice to know’ anymore, it’s being able to review how your marketing is performing and tweaking the areas you need to focus on going forward!

    The world of digital marketing is becoming ever more complex, and with multiple messy sources of data to analyse, it’s important to be efficient in how your marketing teams get their overviews. Data visualisation is a powerful way to show masses of information quickly and clearly. And this activity is more attainable and democratic than ever according to Forbes1.

    Quantify your ROI!

    John Wanamaker, a successful pioneer of marketing in the 19th century once said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half”. It’s been an enduring phrase within marketing, but does it hold up in the 21st century?

    With digital marketing, every channel and action can be quantified and data can be traced back to see exactly where you are being successful, and where your campaigns are missing the mark. It’s now cheaper than ever to perform complex data analysis, highly segment your audience and tweak every individual email, webpage and funnel that a prospect goes down. Techniques like propensity analysis, channel dashboards and of course marketing automation are now ‘tools of the trade’. So, if your marketing efforts aren’t using these, the question is, why not?

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