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    Are you planning to use video in your B2B marketing?

    As B2B marketers, we are always on the lookout for the next ‘big thing’ that’s going to revolutionise our marketing communications and ultimately generate greater ROI. There are a variety of sources of inspiration, but as expected, the most common indicator of change is B2C marketing. By watching what our consumer-driven cousins are doing, it’s possible to identify the latest trends and developments in marketing. So what’s the next thing we need to be keeping an eye on?

    Well, currently on Facebook, 50% of daily active users watch at least one video per day*, and Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has said that he expects the social network’s News Feed to be mostly video in 5 years*.


    What does this mean for B2B marketing?

    It’s no secret that Facebook is pretty far down the list of the most profitable social media channels for B2B marketers. Following behind the likes of LinkedIn and Twitter, Facebook can be a difficult site to generate ROI on due to its more ‘social’ appeal (not great when you are trying to market to businesses). However, due to its sheer scale (4 billion views per day*), it would be silly to overlook this social media channel as an indicator of trends and human behaviours. So, although B2B marketers may not be investing much of their budget in Facebook marketing, they should definitely be paying close attention to the clear rise in video content.

    B2B video marketing 

    B2B marketers have known and utilised video for the past few years, but if Facebook is anything to go by, video’s usage rates are due to skyrocket. According to B2B Marketing, the move towards increased video communications is already becoming a necessity…


    • 92% of B2B customers watch videos online
    • 43% of that demographic researches services or products for their business through online videos


    So with the growth of video usage on the world’s biggest social media site coupled with B2B marketing insider’s prediction of growth in the B2B industry too, if you’re not already planning to use video in your activities, then now’s the time.

    * Statistics from Social Media Today


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