Understanding the B2B buyer

Buyer persona documents and market research form the groundwork for any successful B2B marketing strategy, yet 85% of B2B marketers don’t feel that they use personas effectively.

Building a picture of your buyer is about more than demographics, it’s about understanding your buyers’ needs and wants, their daily routines and any factors that may be affecting their job or industry. In the B2B world, it’s also about understanding the way people in differing businesses purchase your product and how the decision-making unit is made up.

When brands come to us, we work hard to uncover all of this information and use it to inform our planning so the best marketing strategy can be created for your business. Our clients also benefit from the use of bespoke B2B buyer persona documents to share internally, aligning their sales and marketing teams with a single vision of who to target, and how to do so effectively.

The result?

  • Standout marketing approaches that engage prospects like never before
  • Deeper, longer-lasting relationships with prospects and customers
  • An increase in B2B leads and ROI from your marketing activity

Enough about us, now tell us about you

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