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    6 Awesome Things About Working in a B2B Marketing Agency

    A B2B marketing career can be incredibly exciting, whether you’re welcoming a new client on board, writing content for a new pitch, or getting butterflies when you start seeing results for clients. Following on from our ‘Day in the life of a B2B marketer’ blog, we thought we’d share some insight from real-life marketers about what it’s really like to work in a B2B marketing agency.


    So, if you’ve ever wondered what motivates B2B marketers to get up in the morning, or the little things that make them pause and think ‘Yeah… I love my job!’ read on.

    1. It’s varied

    “I love working with a variety of different clients in different industries. We have a range of tasks and activities to work on, every day is different, and I’m always learning and discovering new things.”

    “I love that I’m never in the office all week – I’m constantly out visiting different clients and attending meetings, which keeps my days really fresh and exciting.”

    “We work with such a range of companies who all do different things. It means that no two days are ever the same.”

    2. You’ll learn about the most interesting industries

    “I really like how different our clients are. This exposes me to so many more areas of business – I don’t think you could get more diverse. The amount I’ve learnt is crazy!”

    “You have to keep at the forefront of the marketing industry as well as your clients’ industries, so you’re constantly learning.”

    3. It’s fast paced

    “Our office is so busy and fast-paced, I love the atmosphere!”

    “I love the work hard/play harder attitude. We all work hard during the day that we earn our nights out with the team at the end of each month. And the extra celebrations we have when the company hits an important milestone or target, they’re always just that little bit extra special.”

    4. You get to build great client relationships

    “My favourite part of the job is showing clients the ROI we’ve achieved for them.”

    “I love the challenge of convincing a client we’re making their budget work, and then getting to see the results.”

    “I enjoy working with multiple clients that have different needs and challenges. Ultimately though, they all have the same objective – doing the best for their business and getting leads.”

    “It’s rewarding to help clients push their marketing to the next level, all day every day.”

    “I like working closely with my clients and helping them develop their business strategies. The good thing is it’s not just limited to marketing – it could be sales, product positioning, branding… the possibilities are endless!”

    5. It’s forward-thinking                                                                                            

    “I think B2B marketing agencies are really forward-thinking businesses. By their very nature, they’re constantly working to stay a few steps ahead of the competition.”

    “As a B2B marketer, I feel like I’m at the forefront of new business models and technology, for example finding new ways to data capture.”

    And finally…

    6. You get to make a real difference!   

    “Every single day, I get to make a real impact on peoples’ businesses – their projects, future plans, and revenue. It’s incredibly rewarding!”

    “I love working with such big names! I never thought I’d get to be doing work for such high-profile companies, so early on in my career. I really feel like I’m making a difference.”

    “Working in a B2B marketing agency, I feel like we all learn so much from each other. Being around so many other talented colleagues helps you to push yourself and get better at what you do. Plus, it’s a real help having so many other enthusiastic people to bounce ideas off.”


    Like the sound of this? If B2B marketing sounds like an industry you’d like to get into, have a look at our Careers page to see our latest vacancies, and see if your dream role is waiting for you… 

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    *All survey responses taken from Really B2B internal survey, February 2016