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    5 Tips to Successful B2B Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

    We’ve previously discussed the benefits of B2B account-based marketing in this blog, but to ensure you generate the best results from your activity, we’ve created the following tips…


    Tip 1: Do your research

    Like any marketing activity, it’s never as simple as just jumping in and getting involved. There has to be a period of research and analysis in order to ensure the best results. Like other forms of marketing research, failure to adequately complete this step will have a dramatic impact on your potential to generate leads and sales in future.

    Start by reviewing the best of your current customers and look for patterns and trends in their demographics and buying cycles. For example, how many decision-makers were there? Who were they? What were their job roles? Were influencers involved? If so, who were they? Once you’ve gathered all this information, it can then be used to identify similar businesses within the marketplace and data universe.

    Tip 2: Go social

    Having identified a list of the best prospect companies you’d like to work with (and the decision-makers within them), it’s time to go social. Start by finding both the companies’ social media pages, but also the profiles of your target buyers. Take note of what they are posting about, what discussions they are participating in, and what pain points are causing them problems.

    This is also a great opportunity to start connecting with decision-makers on social channels. However, never overlook the value of connecting with members of their teams too. Although their colleagues and team members may not have buying authority, they may have great influence with the decision-maker, and be a valuable ally to have.

    Tip 3: Think targeted and personalised

    Unlike traditional lead generation, B2B account-based marketing is not simply a case of creating messaging and content which fits a wide audience. In order to generate the best possible results from ABM you need to write highly specific and targeted communications. Using all of the research and social analysis you’ve carried out, you should now be able to write personalised messaging that will resonate with buyers and decision-makers.

    Focus on paint points, existing solutions, industry thought leadership, and knowledge sharing as a way to separate your brand from your competitors. Show you understand them on a deeper level and that you can provide a viable alternative to their current provider.

    To ensure your marketing messages and communications have the impact you are looking for, be sure to test them again and again. This can be done by sending content and messaging to senior managers and the C-Suite within your own organisation to see if they engage with it.

    Tip 4: Lay out the special welcome mat

    Given the time and energy you have put into reaching and engaging with these ‘dream’ prospects, it would be a shame to drive them to your standard website and landing pages… so don’t. Account-based marketing is a great opportunity to utilise bespoke landing pages and personalised webpage texts. Imagine directing your prospect organisations to a landing page that is completely unique to them, their decision-makers, and their pain points – now that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

    These bespoke landing pages and webpages can be created quickly and easily using marketing automation software, website design templates, or even webpage builders. With the ease at which these individual pages can be created, and also the benefit they can have to your ABM activity, it would be silly not to utilise them.

    Tip 5: Send the best to secure the deal

    Most organisations have salespeople based in a variety of geographic locations, however when it comes to ABM, only the best person should be used for the job. Look for salespeople who have either converted similarly large prospects in the past, or who have an in-depth knowledge of the account. Having carried out such a resource-intensive process in order to ensure this lead is sales-ready, it would be a shame to then lose them due to a bad pitch or meeting.

    When converting your account-based leads to customers, only entrust your best salespeople and ensure they have a comprehensive hand-over pack from the marketing team so they are fully informed. Also, be sure to hold a de-brief with the salesperson after any meeting or pitch to identify any information that could be valuable for any future account-based marketing.


    As you can see, account-based marketing requires time and resources, however the benefits are vast and typically include an increased average order value. This means that although you’ll need to put more effort in, the revenue, ROI, and profits you can generate will also increase.