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    5 reasons to consider an
    agency over in-house resource or recruitment

    Our Business Development Director, Treina Smyth, has presented 5 considerations to have in mind when deciding whether to invest in an agency or deliver your activity through an internal team/ new recruit.

    In-house or out-sourced

    Why should you consider a B2B agency when you can use in-house resources or external recruitment to deliver your results? I get asked this question frequently by prospects. It’s a great question to ask, especially when you are trusting your budget, the reputation of your brand and the hopes for business growth on a third party.

    If you often struggle with this question too, I have put together a few reasons why an expert, B2B agency is a route to consider…

    1. Access to a team of specialists to optimise project delivery

    Rather than an individual or small team, an agency has a team of specialists on hand who work on the campaign when their area of specialism is required. They often work in parallel too which means they get more done in less time.

    They are experts in their field, which could be anything from MA, ABM, strategy & planning, data, lead generation, creative conceptualisation to copywriting, and deliver a level of consistency which is difficult to achieve in-house. When client-side, it can be hard to maintain a dedicated focus on demand generation or ABM activity when other projects can suddenly come into play.

    2. A clear focus and targeted approach from day one

    B2B agencies act as an extension of your marketing team, meaning there is no downtime due to illness or holiday, no loss of momentum or missed opportunities. The focus is purely on your campaign and achieving the best results and ROI possible.

    3.  Extensive market experience and access to the latest insights

    From media, influencer and publisher partnerships offering different access routes to market, to the accumulated knowledge of numerous integrated and award-winning marketing strategies built from years of audience insight and campaign performance data. Here at Really B2B, we understand B2B sectors and decision makers inside-out.

    4. Fuelled by innovation

    B2B agencies are often driven by their need to stay ahead of the curve. From the latest insights and trends, access to data and intent platforms and the latest martech, there is an additional focus on innovation that is hard to achieve in-house.

    For example, Enigma, our proprietary intel tool, which we have channelled 15 years of campaign insight into, ensures when we forecast results we are basing them on evidence, not hope. Our planning team are targeted on their ability to find new tools and processes that increase campaign efficiency and success, so all the activity we deliver is as targeted, segmented and heightened as possible.

    5. Saving you precious time and money

    When you work with a B2B agency, you do not have to go to the expense of hiring new staff, meaning there is no downtime. The time and opportunities lost to upskill and training them to run a multi-faceted campaign is avoided.

    What’s more, at Really B2B we plan for action but also for flex. We profile campaigns as they run to optimise channels and make the best use of budget; look at which messages resonate most clearly with which target audience; focus on the pains and challenges of the DMU and ensure your solutions and services meet what they need. We run your campaign from start to finish and whilst we are working on achieving the best results possible in terms of lead generation or engagements and opportunities, we also provide proactive recommendations to boost results even more.

    If you’ve been considering whether to engage with a B2B agency, get in touch. As B2B experts, we pride ourselves on our candour so can discuss your business targets and make suggestions based on what is best for what you need to achieve.